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First Presbyterian Church of Wilmette


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Wilmette, IL  60091


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The 15 Household & Hygiene Supplies

Refugees Need

(that food stamps won’t cover)

Refugees work hard to create better lives for themselves and their families. They face difficult choices and limited incomes. They shouldn’t have to choose between dinner and diapers. Every month, Stock the Shelves distributes thousands of dollars of new household and hygiene supplies to over 125 refugee families, nearly 500 people. Whether you’re making a financial donation, donating supplies or volunteering your time, it’s all about these 15 items.


1.   Toilet paper

2.   Feminine pads (no tampons)

3.   Diapers (sizes 1-5)

4.   Laundry detergent

5.   Basic cleaner (ex. 409)

6.   Body soap

7.   Hand soap

8.   Dish soap

9.   Deodorant

10.  Shampoo (no conditioner)

11.  Body/Hand lotion

12.  Toothpaste

13.  Toothbrushes

14.  Razors

15.  Shaving cream

Why these 15? Over time we’ve come to understand and honor cultural differences. In the end, these are the 15 items refugees request most. If you are donating supplies, please don’t stray from the list. And we can’t accept travel size items.

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